Lumineers Veneers

Lumineers are a type of veneers. lumineers are translucent because they are 0.2m thick. Lumineers are considered the best set of veneers because it mimics the look your natural tooth enamel which makes more unique when compared to traditional veneers. Each tooth perfectly mimics the subtle layers and translucency of your natural teeth. The custom works of art have the strength of natural enamel when they are bonded to the structure of the tooth.

+Since veneers are the fastest way to create a perfect simile on the face of a patient, our handcrafted dental veneers handle a lot more. While lumineers dental veneers are gaining popularity as the fastest way to create a perfect smile, our handcrafted dental veneers do so much more. When our ultra-thin veneers are bonded to the front teeth they mask discolorations, correct and restore chipping, cracking and breaking, and straighten and balance your bite for more comfort and beauty than you could imagine. Our porcelain dental that is quite resistant to permanent stains from coffee, tea or maybe smoking a cigarette, ensures a tooth tenacious bond can be achieved leading to an esthetically pleasant naturalness which is greater than any other restorative options.

Lumineers Veneers
Lumineers Veneers

Veneer dentist won’t need to extract much of your natural tooth and in certain cases, none of your natural teeth will be removed, this is because lumineers dental veneers are very thin and strong.

Lumineers can last for about 20 years if they are properly cared for and maintained. A lot of people love lumineers dental veneers due to its non-invasive way of putting a perfect simile on people’s faces, also because it does not damage their natural teeth. Lumineers opens up people’s chances of returning back to their natural if they ever need to or want to for reasons best known to them.

On placing traditional veneers the cosmetic dentist needs to remove at least 0.5mm of your tooth so that he or she can drill and place the veneers on top of the tooth. The essence of the drilling is to ensure that the veneer does not look bulky or makes the tooth feel heavy and clumsy. Also, the patient needs to wear temporary veneers for some weeks before your veneer dentist attaches the permanent veneers to your gum.

Traditional veneers last only for about 10 years likewise lumineers dental veneers which lasts for 20 years in this case you could pay for the same service twice rather than paying once every 20 years. One major issue is that you would require to always have veneers as long as your natural tooth was removed by your dentist but either way it isn’t a big deal.

In addition, you may need crowns to protect the natural tooth structure of your mouth each time your veneers is replaced because your dentist may need to grind down even more of your tooth.

Are lumineers dental veneers better than traditional veneers?

+The choice is yours as you can select lumineers over traditional veneers because of its ability to preserve your tooth for a longer period and also it is a better cost-effective. With lumineer veneers, you have the opportunity to make use of your natural teeth if the need is or if you want to. Lastly, lumineers helps in saving money because it is more durable than traditional veneers.

  • Lumineers improves
  • -A painless procedure
  • -Sensitivity-free outcome
  • -Permanently white results that are durable
  • +A quick and easy process.

+Your Lumineers brings out your aesthetic functionality and can be attached in two easy visits. In the first visit, an accurate custom mold can be created when a personalized veneer has already been taken, next, you and your dentist will select the shade you think fits in better for your permanently new, white smile. During your second visit, your Lumineers are well checked so as to start fixing and shade which gives you a healthy, natural smile without any pain.

dental crowns
dental crowns

Lumineers May matches the Following Cosmetic Dental Motives:

  • Broke or cracked teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Teeth with gaps
  • Missing teeth
  • A “Hollywood” smile
  • Slightly crowded teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Braces substitute
  • Short teeth

Lumineers Alternatives

Lumineers veneers are not the only dental options that are available on market. Nevertheless, they are the most heavily sold and nearest to any “brand name” that you will discover for veneers to remedy discolored, cracked, broke misaligned or otherwise missing teeth. Lumineers might not be the proper remedy for all dental situations such as teeth that severely misaligned. They are imploring because they can rapidly transform a client’s smile. However, your veneers dentist might suggest orthodontic treatments such as braces for misaligned teeth.

Invisalign. In-office teeth brightening such as Zoom whitening and/or a take-home whitening kit may be recommended by your veneer dentist if you seek a much whiter vibrant smile.

Composite bonding also serves as another option to Lumineers when a dental issue such as cracks in a single tooth is the problem. These procedures are much cheaper and are the quicker cosmetic dentistry solution that exists. Your veneer dentist will recommend the best treatment option for you depending on your special conditions and expenditure by examining your teeth to know if you are a Lumineer’s candidate and may suggest these other options if you don’t fit in.

Will Dental Insurance Cover Lumineers Costs?

Costs of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Lumineers or teeth whitening are not covered by many dental insurance providers.

Dental insurance is not elected for procedures that are necessary rather they are traditionally reserved. Your cosmetic dentist may deliver affordable dental financing strategy or may recommend other therapy which your insurance can cover, such treatment may include braces.

+We will work with you as an artistic team to custom design your smile. Together, we will decide the shape, color, and size of your teeth to create a smile that looks so natural no one would doubt that the dental veneers were your natural teeth. It is the ultimate way to make your smile shine and radiate the beauty in you!