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    • What do Consultants in Cosmetic Dentistry offer?

      In National Medical Service, the role of a consultant in cosmetic dentistry is similar the role of consultants in other medical and dental disciplines. It is the priority of he/she to manage the well-being of patients assisted by a group of junior staff, trainees or other dental care experts. Also, a cosmetic dentist arbitrates and integrate with other consultants within dentistry and medicine as one of the team members to care generally for the patient. The role includes many aspects and as well requires an advisory role, enlightenment, research, and provision of clinical care.

      Consultants in cosmetic dentistry deliver vital and independent advice to patients to improve their health condition. Within the primary care dentistry, they are different group since there are no other comparable groups with the required levels of training and professionals to deliver advice and therapy to those patients who need advanced levels of care.(Dental Implant El Cajon)

    • Who are those that need Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

      A full mouth reconstruction is popularly required by those listed below;

      • Replacement of missing teeth that was lost in an accident or from decay;
      • Replacement of damaged, cracked, or broken teeth that make you feel confident to smile;
      • Replacement of all your missing teeth as an alternative to denture;
      • Filling gaps and space that slightly appears between your teeth to improve your self-conscious;
      • Whitening and fixing badly stained or discolored teeth that looks embarrassing;
      • Restoring your teeth so you can talk properly, clearly and confidently;
      • Proper chewing and eating of foods by restoring your optimal bite;

      Providing you with an aesthetic bright white good looking smile that makes you feel great and boosts your self-confidence in public gatherings!

    • What’s the function of I-cat scanner?

      The i-CAT scan generates a high definition 3D diagnostic image for greater treatment effectiveness. You can now get a comprehensive view of the 3D models of your jaw and bite in our office due to the new i-CAT scans that are available. This means a dentist and a team of professionals can correctly capture the different anatomy of each patient and improve therapy progress.

      The flexibility of i-CAT enables to obtain the finest advantage to each patient’s treatment plan, from diagnosis, through planning and treatment, to successful case completion.

      It provides exact tooth position and relationship of abnormal anatomy with the more accurate viewing of impacted supernumerary or abnormal teeth in relationship to other anatomical structures, such as roots, nasal fossa, and sinuses to enhance accurate management of treatment by understanding the tooth’s position and its relationship to adjacent teeth and structures.

    • Do you want a smile that won’t make you feel embarrassed?

      Dental implants are placed in a fixed position. This implies they won’t move, click or shift when added by a well-skilled implant dentist. Other options, such as dentures, could slip while eating, talking or even laughing, which could make the patient feel embarrassed.

      If you answer“Yes” to this particular question, then here is the good news for you: Dental implants are the real option for you. Nevertheless, it is still important that you ask your dentist if he/she is an AAID credentialed dentist. That simple question guarantees you that the procedure can be performed efficiently because a “Yes” means your dentist has excellent levels of experience, specialty, and skills. After all, it’s your tooth and you don’t have to trust it to just anyone who delivers dental implants. Find an AAID Credentialed implant dentist and peace of mind.

    • Will it hurt?

      Many people surprisingly report that they feel a lot better than they anticipated after the procedure has been performed, even though there might be certain discomfort and brushing depending on your individual condition and restoration requirements.

      Most patients get the best outcomes and they very pleased with how the procedure was carried out. The most of these patients are able to return to work and everyday lives by the following day, are able to function normally between consultations. Speak with an AAID Credentialed implant dentist near you, so as to obtain excellent results.(Dental Implant El Cajon)

    • How much do dental implants cost?

      Two patients or their personalized dental implant treatments never can look alike, so the number of consultations cost of dental implant and procedures vary depending on the patient. Dental implants are highly personalized to match your teeth and mouth unlike other tooth restoration options and that’s what makes it look so natural. Though the cost of dental implants may be expansive when compared to other tooth restoration options it lasts longer, possibly for an entire lifetime. For your dental implant to last and look natural, most significantly you will need to contact an experienced, credentialed implant dentist. Other teeth restoration options may appear to be cheaper or less expensive than dental implant but you will continuously pay over and over again, making them more expensive when compared to the dental implant. $3,000 to $4,500 is a range of estimated cost for a dental implant to restore a single tooth, according to THE NEW YORK TIMES.

      However, the key for you to get the lowest possible cost is to check with a credentialed dental implant expert.

    • Using dental implants, how long does it take to restore one or more teeth?

      Each case is unique. Your implant dentist should provide you with a therapy plan that includes the estimated amount of time to complete this procedure, after your initial appointment.

      Patient’s restoration requirements, healthcare and dental habits, the Jawbone’s condition, including materials and technique to be used are factors on which the amount of treatment time depends.

      Without seeing your mouth, be careful as they might try to give you firm timing. Multiple consultations are always necessary if you to ensure a durable, firm and sturdy smile that feels, functions, fits and looks like natural teeth. The total amount of time from the beginning to the end can be as short as a few months, but for complex conditions could take up to more than a year.

      Patients can return to their places in between visits and continue to work as well go on with their everyday activities. The most significant thing is that you receive the correct therapy that suits you, that throughout the entire process you were comfortable and are excited with the outcome for years to come. You need to discuss with an AAID Credentialed implant dentist close to you at this point, to know what are the requirements for your mouth.

      It may be easy and rapid, but it is important you need to talk to a dentist who has proven experience and most especially understands your health condition. Remember, to have a peace of mind, always ask “Are you an AAID credentialed dentist?”.

    • What are the risks of dental implants?

      For decades dental implants have been used, it has been proven to be more safe and efficient. A dental implant which is performed by an experienced implant dentist is one of the most predictable procedures that is involved in dentistry.

      It is very rare for complications to occur from dental implant surgery. However, any healthcare procedure involves risks and these risks may be higher for patients who have other medical situations or smoke.

      Infection, which response to medication generally; damage of other tooth, roots of the tooth, sinus problems; fractures; nerve damage that might cause pain, numbness or tingling; inadequate jawbone may result to incomplete the procedure, and failure of the implant are the risks involved.

      Before you proceed with any procedure talk with your implant dentist in order to deliberate on your health habits and history as well as to understand the risks that are fully involved.

      It is also relevant that you ask your dentist if they are credentialed dentist by AAID. You want a proven, experienced implant dentist in your mouth.(Dental Implant El Cajon)

    • Are dental implants covered by insurance?

      There has been an increase in the number of insurance companies which have started offering some coverage due to the recognition of the long-term patient advantages over other treatment options. Try asking them if they will give you an allowance towards dental implants that is equivalent to the cost of traditional dentures or a bridge if yours doesn’t. (Dental Implant El Cajon)

    • Are there any side effects of teeth whitening?

      There is no side effect that is typically involved. It is an effective procedure and as well it is very safe. Minimal side effects may comprise of:

      Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold is increased.

      White spots are seen on the teeth’s surface

      White spots on the surface of the teeth (this is a potential side effect of at-home whitening systems)

      Gum sensitivity or irritation may occur due to nighttime whitening trays.

    • Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

      Once the patients experience the most advantage from having their teeth whitened such as:

      Being in a good state of dental health.

      Good dental health maintenance (that is brushing your teeth at least twice per day, receive constant dental checkups every six months, etc).

      May suffer from slightly discolored, or yellow, teeth.

      For aesthetic purposes, they wish to improve the look of their smile.

      Being in good physical health. (Dental Implant El Cajon)

    • What is the Specialty of Cosmetic Dentistry?

      Cosmetic Dentistry expanded as it recognized as a specialty in 1973 and in the United Kingdom it is legally found as one of the dental specialty under European Union directive.

      Ever since it was discovered, the specialty has made important changes and was developed in response to factors such as: increasing life expectancy; greater patient awareness and expectations; a widespread which understands the need to prevent oral diseases that are been developed and to maintain good oral health; our ability to treat patients with more complex conditions, the increasing recognition of the significance of oral health for complex medical and surgical conditions and the more recent development of multi-disciplinary clinical teams.

      There will be an increasing demand and need for cosmetic dentistry in the future due to the significant changes within the medical systems that have occurred as well as the increasing needs of the population.

      Cosmetic Dentistry is the study, diagnosis and incorporated management of disease may result in dental disorder, misaligned the teeth and afflict the supporting structures. It involves the coordination of multi-professional working to achieve a specific aim, also include the rehabilitation of the teeth and the oral cavity to its psychological, normal and aesthetic functionality of the individual patient.

      Cosmetic dentistry deals entirely with the dental specialties of Endodontics.

      Periodontics and Prosthodontics (fixable and removable) and its foundation is relying on the interaction of these specialties in certain cases that requires complex, various types of care.

      Cosmetic dentistry is also known as  ‘Oral Rehabilitation’. Because of the need for multidisciplinary and integrated care within and out has increased the specialty such as Orthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry and Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology, people live longer than expected due to the flexibility of the system.

      The major aim of the Cosmetic Dentistry specialty is to work with other medical, surgical and dental experts including other clinical colleagues, to deliver and support the incorporated management and oral rehabilitation of patients with complex therapy requirements, such as:

      • Hypodontia, cleft lip and palate, aggressive periodontitis, and amelogenesis imperfect are dental issues that may affect a patient and would require multidisciplinary care as suggested by peer assessment groups and national frameworks.
      • For the management of oral cancer, patients have undergone radiotherapy and ablative surgery.
      • Patients who are afflicted with traumatic issues and affect the face, mouth, and teeth
      • Patients who have sustained damage caused by tooth decay, tooth attrition acid erosion, and periodontal disease such as gum recession
      • Patients with terrible dental and surgical problems to secure the best treatment result.
    • Do you have questions about cosmetic dentistry that are not covered here?
      Feel free to check our find a local dentist section where you will find options in your geographical area. Most local cosmetic dentists are happy to answer your questions and many will offer you a free consultation to help you determine whether or not a specific cosmetic dentistry procedure is right for you to (Dental Implant El Cajon)
    • Do you want a hassle-free smile?
      When you use a quality implant dentist, dental implants enable you to eat virtually anything you want, brush your teeth normally, and bite naturally. You might feel uncomfortable while eating or may not be able to eat the food of your choice because of the use of other options such as dentures; therefore it needs to be removed for cleaning. (Dental Implant El Cajon)
    • Do you want the most natural looking smile?
      A well-trained implant dentist can provide you with a well-designed dental implant that can function as normal, fit, and feel.  Normal smiling, eating, and speaking is options that might be interfered with. (Dental Implant El Cajon)
    • How long will it take me to recover from a procedure?
      Recovery time depends solely on which type of cosmetic procedure that was performed, so the duration of healing is going to vary. The time of recovery will be quicker if the procedures are less invasive. Likewise, other procedures may leave you sore and tender for a short period. Most times, you will need someone maybe a friend / relative to take you home and stay with you for up to a day after the procedure has been performed, that is if sedation is required.  Your dentist will provide you with information which is well detailed about what to expect based on the procedure that will be performed.
    • What differentiates a general dentist from a cosmetic dentist?
      With high-quality training general dentists can become cosmetic dentists. A cosmetic dentist has the ability to work in specialized areas or as well become a generalist. Some experts choose to stick to basic dental care which includes minimal procedures, examinations, and fillings. For other dentists to cover many aspects of dentistry they continuously need to expand their knowledge. Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as; teeth whitening, tooth bonding, dentures,  teeth fillings, veneers, braces, bridges, dental implants, crowns and bridges, and many more. General dentists are expanding their repertory to cover areas of cosmetic dentistry due to the increase in demand. When you are searching for a good cosmetic dentist, in order to discover the list of services they offer, you would need to check the website.  Also, if you are searching for a ‘one-stop shop’ you can figure out that some deliver cosmetic dentistry procedures as well as general dentistry.
    • What kind of payment options are available for cosmetic dental procedures?
      Financing and payment options for you is stated clearly depending on the sorts of dental procedures you planned for. You would need to check with individual dentists. If your insurance does not cover everything, they will bill your insurance and also invoice you for the balance. Others will choose that you pay upfront and submit paperwork to your insurance company for reimbursement. Financing options including payment plans are delivered by some dental practices. The real deal is that financing and payment options do not serve as a barrier to enhancing your smile or dealing with a dental emergency. (Dental Implant El Cajon).
    • Does my insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?
      Your insurance might widely cover certain elements of cosmetic dentistry. Likewise, others which may be covered by 50%. In some cases, your insurance may not cover cosmetic procedures at all. You can remain on track with your annual limits when your cosmetic dentist is typically happy to review your advantages plan to enable you to determine what your insurance covers. Also, your dentist helps you determine what your insurance covers by submitting a treatment plan/proposal to your insurance before procedure commences. In essence, this enables you to financially prepare yourself for expensed which are not covered by your dental insurance. (Dental Implant El Cajon).