Pinhole Technique For Gum Recession

At Dentist El Cajon, our expert cosmetic dentists have had significant success in rebuilding gum tissues caused by recession using pinhole technique. This procedure differs from the traditional tissue grafting because it has minimal downtime and zero sutures. Our dentists have personally trained with Dr. Korel in El Cajon are competent to handle the procedure

Many people are faced with gum recession where the gingival gum tissue has retreated from the base of the tooth exposing parts of the tooth root. Some of the causes of tooth recession include gingivitis, gum disease, rapid changing of teeth, hard tooth brushing habits, smoking, and aging. The recession is a problem because it often causes tooth sensitivity, poor dental health, and discomfort

Why opt for pinhole technique 

Tooth recession problems have been traditionally treated using surgical tissue grafts on the gum tissues. In these cases, donor or patient tissue was being used to rebuild the damaged gum line. Contrary to this traditional method, pinhole technique offers patients the best alternative for gum tissue rejuvenation. Pinhole technique has no incisions, no sutures and no extended periods of recovery. Patients who have undergone pin-hole technique at Dentist El Cajon have reported minimal dental discomfort and a quick, smooth recovery.

Pinhole technique vs. traditional gum grafting

The surgical process: traditional grafting makes an incision to extract gum from the roof of your mouth or get tissue from a donor. On the contrary, pinhole technique uses a tiny pin-hole sized entry point to move gums and cover the exposed root areas. Pinhole technique for gum recession

Amount of teeth treated:  traditional grafting can only treat a few teeth compared to pinhole technique where numerous teeth can be treated and corrected at once in only one visit

The length of procedure: gum grafting always takes over one and a half hours to complete while pinhole technique only requires a maximum of one hour.

Recovery time: stitches made during grafting take up to 10 days to heal compared to virtually immediate recovery in pinhole technique.

El Cajon Certified Pinhole Surgical Technique Dentist

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